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Contract Management

Lucert Group makes contracts simple, fast, and actionable.

The Lucert Group Difference

The first end-to-end platform that automatically creates new contracts and streamlines workflows to accelerate value, while applying advanced AI to provide real-time analysis — empowering your legal, procurement, and business teams.

Key Platform Benefits

Compliant contracts from day one

Leverage data in stored contracts to establish new contracts with the right terms upfront.

Streamline workflows to elevate collaboration

The entire workflow from review, redline, and signature is managed from one place.

One repository for all your contracts

Automatic syncing with a range of ERP and CMS tools pulls data from across your business.

Extract and classify your contract in seconds

Organize 230+ contract types, including third-party paper and extract 50+ key clauses and data points.

Built-in collaboration tools

See requested reviews, side-by-side document changes, and comments — all from one screen.

Full workflow visibility and accountability

Track all contracts in flight and know who is accountable for review and approval.

Mitigate risk by leveraging AI for automation

Eliminate tedious due diligence with powerful text search in seconds.

Never miss a date or obligation

Auto-identify key dates and clauses and set up alerts to prevent unwanted costs or missed opportunities.


Security Is Our Top Priority. SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, Safe Harbor, and More…

We designed security from the ground up. Every line of code and every design choice is based on providing robust security for our clients.