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Industrial Automation

 Lucert Group is a technology company that specialize in design and system
intergration of world class Telemetry Systems. The company offers Energy
Management Solutions, Industrial Automation, SCADA  Communication

Our leading SCADA Software enable our clients to centrally develop,
manage, upgrade, scale and maintain all automation control, data and
visualization systems under one user friendly, integrated and powerful

This impressive software unifies and arms control operators, maintenance
personnel, IT professionals, plant managers and business executives with
one common standardised source of real-time highly contextualised
information and with collaboration and analysis tools to better understand
the business, make better decisions and drive the company to its fullest

Our SCADA HMI software enables operational excellence across all
industries, empowering customers with better insight into the economics of
their operations, the basis for real-time performance management.

Value Drivers

Unparalleled Engineering Simplicity

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Unmatched Operational Agility

Enterprise-wide Standards Compliance

Real-time Actionable Intelligence 

Continuous Process Improvement

Products and areas of Expertise

Telemetry & Industrial Automation

Intelligent RTU /PLC Telemetry Systems
PLC Automation
Process Control
Electrical network mornitoring and control system
Variable Speed Drives
Water Quality and Meter Monitoring
Cathodic Monitoring and Protection on Pipelines

Industrial Communication

Radio Telemetry Systems
Wireless Ethernet
Fibre Optic
Cellular/ GSM

With our Software, our clients understand the intricacies of their operations like never before. They make better decisions in real time, operate equipment more efficiently and collaborate more effectively across all departments.

  1. Helping Engineers

  2. Faster implementations and lower engineering costs
  3. Higher application integrity through enterprise-wide standardization
  4. Rapid change management to quickly respond to changing business requirements An open platform on which to design secure applications

  1. Helping Operators

  2. Improved situational awareness due to intuitive, actionable visualizations
  3. Increased operator effectiveness and handling of critical abnormalities
  4. Minimized shutdowns and system maintenance during unplanned downtime

  1. Helping Remote Users

  2. Securely connect any user, anytime, anywhere, on any device
  3. Improve the efficiency and responsiveness of your field service and maintenance organization
  4. Collaborate with functional teams inside and outside of the plant

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